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Techstars Community Unsummits
What is a Techstars Community Unsummit?
  • An Unsummit is a weekend long event where we bring our community together to foster connection, share learnings, engage in meaningful discussion, and have a bit of fun.
  • Unsummits are supported by the Techstars team in conjunction with a local team of community leaders, similar to a Startup Weekend.
  • Expect a mix of Techstars content, community-generated content, and a chance to dive deep into what's happening around the Unsummit location!

Why attend an Unsummit?
    • Meet Techstars Community Leaders from across North America
    • Network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs and ecosystem developers
    • Discover and explore a new community
    • Represent your own community
    • Share skills with your fellow community leaders i.e. host a CL talk on a topic you love
    • Learn new skills from community leaders who are attending
    • Have fun with people like you!

    Who attends an Unsummit?
    Any community leader from the Techstars Startup Programs community
    Techstars Startup Weekend Organizers and Facilitators
    Techstars Startup Digest Curators
    Techstars Startup Week Organizers
    Members of the host community that have not yet been exposed to the magic that is the Techstars Community

    Attend an Unsummit!
    Sioux Falls, SD
    August 17-19
    Attend this Unsummit!
    Tucson, AZ
    September 21-23
    Attend this Unsummit!
    Redding, CA
    September 28 - 30
    Attend this Unsummit!
    Vancouver, BC
    October 5-7
    Attend this Unsummit!

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