Techstars & USC Marshall SCHOOl of Business Present:

Angel Investor Bootcamp

Cooley LLP
March 7th, 2018
9am - 4pm

1333 2nd Street Suite 400
Santa Monica, CA 90401
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What is the Angel Investor Bootcamp?
Angel investors have to make high risk decisions with limited information. Early decisions about the people involved in startups – cofounders, employees, investors, and board members – are all vital to long-term success. Yet these decisions are often made without the benefit of a roadmap of the most important early decisions.

The Angel Investor Bootcamp provides angel investors with this roadmap. The bootcamp will tap research performed at Harvard Business School and USC over the last 15 years on 16,000 U.S. founders, and tap the accumulated expertise and wisdom of investors from Techstars, an organization which has invested in more than 1200 startups during the past twelve years, which have collectively gone on to raise more than $4.1 billion in follow-on financing. The bootcamp will also introduce investors to a crop of high growth startups that have recently raised angel investment and can share the experiences of their fundraising process.

Come learn which questions to ask during due diligence, how to negotiate a new round of investment, and how to mentor founders after you've invested in them.
Faculty, Presenters, and Panelists
Cody Simms
Cody is a Partner at Techstars Ventures, the
venture capital arm of Techstars. Previously, Cody was Executive Director at
Techstars and head of Techstars accelerator programs in North America, which
span more than 20 locations across the region and invest in over 200 startups
per year. Cody joined Techstars in 2013 to launch and serve as Managing
Director for the Disney Accelerator, powered by Techstars, co-investing in 20
startups alongside The Walt Disney Company in 2014 and 2015.

Prof. Noam Wasserman
Noam was an award-winning professor at Harvard Business School for 13 years before coming to USC to start and build Founder Central. He is the author of a bestselling book, The Founder's Dilemmas: Anticipating and Avoiding the Pitfalls That Can Sink a Startup, and developed an award-winning entrepreneurship course, Founder's Dilemmas, that he taught at HBS and at Stanford Engineering.
Joanne Wilson
Joanne Wilson has had many careers. She started out in retail, eventually moving to the wholesale arena. She then transitioned to the media side of the technology world, before once again reinventing herself as an investor. She is currently an active angel investor with a portfolio of over 90 companies such as Food52, Sweeten, Vengo, Nestio, Phin and Phebes, Makers Row, Clutter, and Union Station.

Sky Kelly
CEO & Founder
Christine Carrillo
CEO & Co-Founder
Eric Futoran
CEO & Co-Founder
Anna Barber
Managing Director
Techstars LA
Dave Young
Cooley LLP
Founders and Teams (Prof. Noam Wasserman)
Founding Team Dilemmas
Due Diligence Implications for Angel Investors
Investors and Board Dilemmas
Founder-CEO Succession
Panel of founders who have raised angel capital
Finance and Legal Issues (Techstars Team)
Startup Financing Landscape
Term Sheets
Convertible Debt and Other Securities
Tax and Legal Considerations
Cap Tables
3-4pm Q&A with angel investor Joanne Wilson
Venue & Directions
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